Moving SVN servers

by Willie Wong

This is mostly to document the process for my own benefit, so the information is easier to find the next time I need to do it. This is also a follow-up to this previous post of mine.

Suppose the repository on the old server is called “WorkSVN” as in my previous post. First we need to dump the contents from the old server by

svnadmin dump /home/XXYY/WorkSVN > WorkSVN.dmp

We then copy the file over to the new server. On the new server issue

svnadmin create ~/WorkSVN

as before, and followed by

svnadmin load ~/WorkSVN< WorkSVN.dmp

to load the database dump.

Then create the working copy as usual

svn co file:///home/XXYY/WorkSVN/PaperDrafts ~/PaperDrafts

For the client computers, update the server path via

svn switch –relocate OLDURL NEWURL

You can find the oldurl by reading “svn info” of the working copy.