Chromebook adventure

by Willie Wong

Wow, it has been over a year since my last post.

I just got myself a new Chromebook, which supports Crostini. Today’s post is mostly a documentation to help me remember what to do if I need to re-do the set-up.

  • To install ArchLinux instead of Debian, follow
  • Remember: the way Chrome interacts with Crostini, pure X applications don’t work. But applications that are Wayland capable should. (Think evince.)
  • Stuff to install in Arch: texlive, asymptote, julia, neovim, vim (need classic vim to edit vim-encrypted files), gummi.
  • It has been a LONG time since I last used gummi; I’ve been mostly just using neovim for editing on my desktop. But on the limited screen real estate of the chromebook, gummi seems like a good idea.
  • As of yet, Crostini does not obey VPN routing of the host OS. This means that cannot use ssh or git+ssh from within the container. Workaround for git: use the https connections instead. Have to type lots of passwords, but is okay.
  • Syncthing seems to work well via the android app.
  • Joplin seems to work well via the android app. (In fact, better than on Galaxy Tab.
  • EbookDroid allows reading of Djvu files.
  • chrome://flags allows access to some interesting beta features; one of them allows reading of Android files in the Files dialog. This would be needed to make Syncthing really useful.
  • Asymptote (in Crostini) doesn’t work very well at the moment; I think it has to do with the fact that it needs OpenGL for 3D rendering. Right now trying to render 3D pictures either gives a freeglut error; ends up with a blank PDF file; or core dumps. 2D pictures are perfectly fine though.